Our Logo Design – Our Concept

LCF Logo

The Lantau Conservation Fund (LCF) logo comprises 3 major elements of the scope under the funding scheme, which are nature conservation, cultural conservation and village revitalization.

The objectives of LCF are to enhance environmental capacity, conserve culture, rural character and promote sustainable development in countryside. In the logo, the ‘LCF’ character acts as tree trunk and branches to provide strong support for initiating diversified conservation proposals, which in long run, we hope could achieve fruitful revitalisation result, like a full grown tree as expressed.

The disjointed yet continuous lines put emphasis on the importance of community involvement. We believe that it is a joint effort between the government and public to contribute to the overall conservation of rural Lantau.

Download of Logo

You can download our logo and put in prominent locations for the project where people can easily to see it.

SVG Format
Important Notice: The names and logos of the LCF and Government-funded programme are solely for use by applicant organisations/grantees. Under no circumstances shall the names and logos of the LCF and Government-funded programme be used for any purpose unrelated to the Project.